The Structured Kernel Learning Library is a Java-based API that was startet during my PhD thesis. It is a wrapper around kernel learning implementations (e.g. SVMs implemented by LibSVM) that allows to employ kernels for arbitrary structured objects. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License and hosted at Sourceforge.


JOELib is a Java library for cheminformatics originally developed by Dr. Jörg-Kurt Wegner. Its is an open-source project under the GPL and is hosted at Sourceforge. I began working for this project as a student research assistant. Since 2007 I am responsible for the project management, code contribution and bugfixing.


Sequime was started as a student project supervised by Hannes Planatscher and me. Its goal is to provide sequence bioinformatics functionality for the Eclipse-based workflow editor Knime. Sequime is hosted at Sourceforge and easy to integrate as a plug-in for Knime.

Copyright Nikolas Fechner